A rough 24 hours.

27 May 2015, Posted by Kit in Blog

Tuesday April 14th

2 hours sleep for mommy

12:12am diaper change, wet, nurse right

12:30am pump left

About 2 hours sleep for mommy

3:14am nurse left then right

2 hours sleep

5:26am crying, grunting, definitely going poop. Figuring it out. Change diaper. Poop!

5:35am nurse right

6:30am mommy goes back to sleep

1 hour sleep

7:53am diaper change poop! Nurse on left

8:22am pump on right, Elora naps

Just kidding. She’s looking around and pooping.

8:38am finish nursing on right

9:02am napping on mommy

9:53am nurse left then right

Eat breakfast with Meredith

10:56am techno dance party

11am asleep in my arms

Pay bills on computer with one hand

11:24am arm broken. Put Elora in MamaROO

11:46am change diaper, poop, nurse on left then right

What time is it?!? We fall asleep together. I think I’m sleeping? Elora is on chest.

2:09pm nurse left then right

3:30pm she’ll scream if I put her down.

I have not peed, brushed my teeth, gotten out of pjs…

My dads in the hospital.

I’m hungry.

I hate everything and everyone in this moment. This will pass…

It passes.

My left arm is going to be huge compared to my right. I should change up holding her…

4:30pm back to nursing left and right

5:10pm spazzing out on mom. Fighting a nap.

Kiss Elora everywhere. Nibble on her toes. Kiss her cheeks. I am so in love with this baby!!! Bicycle legs. On and off she cries. Very restless. Will nap for 20min then cry.

Around 6pm dad finally comes home. Takes a shower and takes over. I make dinner and stare at the bottle of Jameson like a hungry wolf. Totally out of it I go back and forth with odd jobs. Clean out diaper bag, sweep kitchen floor, drink a bottle of water wishing it was the bottle of Jameson.

8:03pm bath time for mom. I know it’s been 4 hours since she’s nursed… So after bath I’ll nurse and make dad put her to bed. Then take a shower and wash hair.

Game plan. Go team go!

Just kidding. A wave of guilt that it’s been 4 hours since her last feed hits me. Idea!!! I’m brilliant. I brought her in the tub with me and nursed right then left. She loved the water.

Daddy is now giving her a lavender coconut oil massage.

9pm bedtime for Elora. Hopefully.

Just kidding….

Techno dance party it is…

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