A visit from an Angel.

15 Nov 2013, Posted by Kit in Blog

Have you ever been visited by an Angel? Maybe you have had a moment with God? Been pronounced dead? Oh!! You see dead people?


Well. Your Life is boring then.

I am 31 years old and I see dead people. I am a doula on the side and a very compassionate woman. I have helped 3 babies take their first breath into this world and this year I had the blessing to help one woman take her last.

Katie Goodnight. That’s my mother in law. I learned so much from her. We were very close. I guess you can say “still are” after this story. Katie and I were like twins but on different planes. We looked a like, had the same style, and the same way of learning and thinking, and I think she loved my dog more then me. She was a passionate gardener and I love this woman. I have never missed anyone so much. She knew me. Never judged and had a heart of pure gold.

Katie passed away on September 4th 2013. She died of pancreatic cancer. She was way passed her due date and fought hard. If you ever had to witness or help a loved one in passing… then you understand what I went through. I was her baby girl. I needed to be there till the end, for many reasons, but… I hope to never have the experience again. Although a blessing from God, still it was the 2nd most painful experience I ever had to go through. If you’re wondering what the 1st is… well, that’s another story.

Just last week I was gardening. I was re potting my succulents. I have ONE plant from Katie, and that’s an ivy, and it’s my baby. If anything ever happened to this ivy, my heart would just break. But nothing will happen to this ivy so I can stop freaking now.

SO! I’m about to water the ivy when I hear this loud BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I look up and there’s a hummingbird just sitting there on the wire. I am taken back to one of Katie’s last moments, and as she laid there, holding my hand, she said to me, “I’ll visit you as a hummingbird”.

I immediately got this warm sensation. I pick up the ivy and as I pick it up, the hummingbird swooped down, over our dog James, and just stopped there, in midair and stared at me. There was no water, no flowers, nothing to make the hummingbird dive over James, and right 3 feet to eye sight.

I couldn’t help but start crying. I don’t think I have yet started the grieving process. All these memories of Katie, and in her last week just flooded my mind. I’m crying now just writing this blog. But the point of this message is God exists. Angels exists. Just when you think you’ll never have a connection with someone again, they come back to you and show you some love. Maybe as a hummingbird.

In Orbital Bliss,



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