Aidan William’s Birthing Story

18 Aug 2017, Posted by Kit in Blog


I had contractions in the middle of the night. But I slept through them. In the morning nothing was out of the usual. I made sure Elora ate, I ate, and I did a load of laundry.

I also did want to vacuum the entire house… So maybe that was a warning.

After Mat vacuumed our bedroom, he opened our windows. It was beautiful!!! Lightning. Thunder. Hurricane rain. I just sat on my ball and looked outside. It was a good Florida moment. Y’all know I don’t have too many.

Contractions start again around early afternoon. I don’t think much of it but Mat insists we time them. Huh. They’re about 8 min apart?! Now 6 minutes… Yeah ok I’ll call the birth center. They tell me to come in bc it takes about an hour to get there and with how quick Elora’s birth was they didn’t want to take any chances. I clearly didn’t think I was in any kind of “labor” but I did feel “open”… So I thought, probably not chance it. Let’s go in!

I had to do my eye makeup.

Mat had to take a shower.

I needed to load the dryer up with that load I started. ????

We’re crazy. I know.

Grabbed our bags and we were off!

In the car contractions got stronger. I listened to my hypnobirthing and snap chatted.

At one point I looked at the clock. It was 6:21pm. I had just “grunted”.

I thought, “nooooooo!!! You will not be born, in a car, in Florida?!?!!!”

So I breathed through and transcended out of my body and prayed.

Then all of a sudden, we were there! Yay the birth center!!! I hobbled to Mary’s office where I stated, “I think you should check me.” She laughed and said, “ah yeah.”

So I sat up on her table, she casually put on her gloves and checked me…

Immediately upon checking me she ripped off her gloves and told her assistant, “GO!”

She practically yanked me off the table and said, “I don’t think you’re gonna have time for a water birth.”

I said, respectively, “fuck that, I’ll hold this baby in.”

I was 9cm…

While they filled the tub, and Mat ran around in circles trying to get things ready, I thought this was a good time to Facebook live!

10 min after that video I told Mary I needed to get in that tub. I put my assorted crystals in there and waited for the water to rise.

Having Mat behind me on the ledge where I could use his legs as leverage was incredible.

I felt my water break and this need to push. I reached down and felt his head. So much hair?!

Then one big push and his head was out! Thank goodness!!! That was a lot of pressure!! I waited for Mary to help me get his shoulders out and then I just hooked my hand around his armpits and pulled that little alien out of me and onto my chest.

It’s a boy!!!! 7:05pm

Mat and I cried. It was so perfect and we were both in disbelief of what actually happened.

Once I delivered the placenta we went back to the bedroom where my sister magically showed up. She got to see Aidan first! Mary showed us the placenta and I learned the coolest thing. The placenta is actually made from the sperm. I looked at Mat and was so proud. My placenta was beautiful. The tree of Life imprinted perfectly. Then we all ate sushi, packed up our things and headed home.

And that folks is how you have a baby on a Tuesday ????

As we got home 5 hours after Aidan’s entrance into this world, Elora was waiting impatiently to meet her little brother. She couldn’t stop kissing him. Finally she was able to meet her baby friend.

Then, we all went to bed. I had Elora and Mat next to me and Aidan next to me in the co sleeper. I thought… How did I get so blessed? All those birthday wishes. All those thanksgiving turkey bone wishes. All those wish weeds. I got everything I’ve always wanted. My chihuahua. A supportive loving partner. A unicorn princess girl and now my baby boy. Thank you Heavenly Father above.

Aidan William. My little rocky. Born 8.16.16 at 7:05pm by a natural water birth. 7 pounds 11 ounces. 20 3/4 inches. Total Purium baby. From week 30 to 40 I was taking 20 to 40 master aminos a day. Always an apothecherry at night and occasionally a power shake to get my greens. Kamut, barley green juice and best of greens always in organic apple juice with my aminos. My skin was tight, my uterus was strong. Very healthy pregnancy. So grateful for Purium and the lifestyle it has blessed me with to have a clean, quick labor and healthy children.


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