Chickens want to be mothers too!

16 Nov 2013, Posted by Kit in Blog

A re post from my Ireland experience in May 2013. 

So. This morning as I’m doing my normal chicken feeding routine I had a fight with this hen for her eggs.

She sat on them and yesterday I left her alone but Karen insisted that I take the eggs. So, I pushed her feathered behind to get up, she looked at me with her one eye giving me the feeling if I don’t back off she’ll peck me eyes out…

So I pushed again, and she turned around. Finally with more force I pushed her off and took two eggs, leaving one, and the fecking thing pecked me!!

I then realized, I was the asshole baby chicken stealer and all she wanted to do was mother her eggs.

I want babies. And this upset me so much that I started to cry.

I’m an asshole baby chicken stealer… And clearly very emotional today.


Here’s Ms. Gray with her babies!


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