First Night Away

29 May 2015, Posted by Kit in Blog

First night away

5pm mat home from work. Hand over baby. Get ready. Do I even know how to put on makeup anymore?

5:30pm run through all the things that calm Elora down. Twice…

6pm run through all the things that calm Elora down.


6:15pm say bye bye. Cry in the car.

6:30pm look at one picture…. Why are my breasts tingling?

7pm I’m with my best friend! Dressed up! With out a baby!!! I start to get real excited!!!


8pm the curtain rises! Why are my breasts tingling again? Oh gosh. A let down!

9:30pm let down… Oh shoot…

10pm and scene! Rob did amazing!!!

10:15pm surprise Rob!!! He was surprised!!! Shit. Let down… For real?!?

11pm it’s time to go. Don’t hug me….

Midnight get home, oh dear Lord why is the pump not working?!?!???

Mat and I take a moment to oogle how large and perky my boobs are. Well done milk. Well done.

Ok seriously. I need to pump.

Double pumping WEIRD but I get 8 ounces!!?!?

As I’m pumping Mat decides to tell me his night. I’m guessing this is the best time considering I’m hooked up to an electric milker and I can’t lunge at him an kill him.

Mat: “so…. Something happened as soon as you left. But everything’s ok!”

Me: staring blankly trying to figure out what in the world “happened”.

Mat’s story…

I’m changing Elora, and as I went to pump the hand sanitizer, it knocked over the little jar of nipple cream next to it, onto Elora’s head.

WTF?!?? Does she have a concussion?!? Is that why she’s sleeping?!? Should I rip these pumps off and go check on her? Does she have a bruise?!?

He laughs at me. Tells me she cried but is fine. No bruising.

1am cuddling with my man and Jamesy. Life never felt so good and perfect, as it does in this moment.

2am sleep

3am crying. Time to nurse!

*side note: Dad night is entirely different then a Mom night.

He had her in the jj Cole. She took about 9 ounces in a bottle. Two different feedings. Made a grilled cheese with her in the jj Cole and put her down with ease and no crying in her crib. Relaxed and watched tv.

Are you FAreaking kidding me!?!

So. My conclusion is that Elora knew I wasn’t home, realized she was defeated and just “hung out” with dad. As long as she didn’t smell me, her addiction to my nipple didn’t phase her.








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