It’s not about how many you teach, it’s how many will listen.

17 Nov 2013, Posted by Kit in Blog

Yesterday I had the opportunity to teach my first workshop in a year! You would think I was disappointed only 3 showed up and I knew these special hoopers from about 6 years ago.

But I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. When Stephanie, Liz, and Gigi walked through that door, they had an almost frazzled energy to them. They had on their minds, “Oh shit it’s just us” and all of them haven’t really hooped in awhile or had a breakthrough, and I saw that. It was my mission to change that. I asked Heavenly Spirit to guide me and a way we whirled.

We started out stretching, warming our bodies for what to come. All to music. Your body communicates better when it has a beat to speak to. And then we did Hoop squats. Ha. I’m feeling those this morning. And then 2 handed isolations over and over and over and….

Once we were finally warmed up we started on moves. Now as a professional hoopdancer to me it’s not about what tricks you learn, it’s how you execute the moves you already know. So I broke down basic moves like barrel rolls, angles, and shoulders. It was like they were beginner hoopers again! They looked amazing, I could see their confidence start to shine! And then it happened. Spirit guided me to talk about spinning.

This was not on my workshop list to teach. Do you even know about spinning?!! What it does for your body?! Your mind?!! Google whirling dervish. Or. Sufi Spinning.

Spinning is a way to meditate. To connect with Source. You just spin and spin and spin and spin and you have this hoop and it becomes a whole new way to dance. To speak to God. It’s really something else. Here’s a show I did for my birthday this year. It show cases lots of spinning. On a small stage.


Once these ladies started to whirl, goosebumps took over my entire body. I saw light shine from their crown chakra’s, smiles and giggles consumed the room. It was like watching children play. No fear, no doubts, no questions. They just spun.

After this experience we moved onto a game I developed using different songs to perform to. Each song played anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute and you had to give it your all and perform. The songs can be quite challenging when you go from rock to rap. But it was a fun experience and the ladies rocked it. And then we ended with floor work. Our bodies snaked around the floor, doing handstands and splits, and rolling around to “I put a spell on you.” We weren’t trying to be sexy, but the music moved and stretched our bodies and we all were so sensual! Then I led a shavasana meditation closing. Our bodies were beaming with energy that I needed to direct that energy inward. Breathe in I can. Breathe out I can’t… When the whole thing was over my girls looked as if they had the best orgasm of their life! Ha! Maybe this workshop isn’t suitable for children!

So there you have it. I have taught workshops with 20+ hoopers. And I have taught workshops with 3. And it’s not who all shows up, but who has it in their hearts to listen. We all got so much out of that workshop. What a blessing for me to teach my passion, my art. I feel renewed, inspired! And I’m ready to concur Seattle. I have a giant ballroom and a city full of hoopers! Bring it!

In Orbital Bliss,


For more information on these beautiful San Luis Obispo aerialists and hoopers please go to their link. Aerial and hoop classes available!




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  • Katie

    What’s this about Seattle? Are you moving up here? Will you be teaching? I have always loved what you do and watching you inspires me. One of these days a hoop and I shall meet. I’d love to connect with you if/when you come here and you always have a place to stay (not in the Seattle but about 20 min north).