My Birth Story

21 May 2015, Posted by Kit in Blog

Elora Luna Ralidak
March 21st, 1:01am
7lb 10oz

I was 9 days late. My mom, sister Elizabeth and her boyfriend Paolo, all at my house asking me every day when am I going to have this baby. I was going nuts. First we thought Elora would come on March 4th, it was a special day to us, it was Mathew’s grandfathers birthday as well as my grandmothers birthday. But that day came and passed and nope, no baby! Then… my due date March 12th came and went… and sadly my grandfather died on March 14th , and I was positive that our baby would come then. I figured a soul for a soul. But nope! No baby! And then it was March 15th, my ex husbands birthday. I had come to terms with that date, and felt blessed if I had a child on that day, 30 days from my birthday and since I had a very similar pregnancy as Momma Goodnight, I just assumed our baby would come that day. But nope! No baby! We did everything we could think of to induce labor. I ate mexican food, we had sex multiple times a day, I went to acupuncture, I walked, everywhere. Then I looked on the calendar and realized that a very powerful 24 hours was coming up. It was the spring equinox, a new moon on the last day of Pisces, and the first day of Aries. YEP! If we are having a girl we are in trouble, because she is going to choose this day.

And sure enough… At 2:30am on March 20th, 2015 my water broke.

I had gotten up at 2am to pee. I peed, came back to bed and realized that my underwear was wetter then usual. So I hobbled furiously back to the bathroom where all of a sudden water just fell out of me. Huh. That’s interesting. I just peed. But that was a totally different sensation then peeing… So I called my midwife and she said to put a pad on and if it soaks up again then yes, it was definitely my water breaking. She also mentioned that if I didn’t go into labor within 24 hours, that I’ll have to be admitted into the hospital.

So I woke Mat up, explained that if I felt any contractions that I’d let him know but we should really get some more rest since we didn’t know what the heck would happen.

But I was way too excited. I called my best friend Crystal and my other momma friend Lacy. I listened to my Hypnobirthing cd and finally fell asleep. I woke up around 9 something, still no feeling of labor, had a delicious breakfast and decided to hoop! I made a video for fans and dedicated it to my sister Erika b/c well she told me to go hoop so I did. When asked how I hula hooped after my water breaking, I said, “In a diaper!” duh…

So now it’s like noon, and still no labor. We drive a little over an hour to The Birth Center. In a snow storm. It’s the first day of spring…. I guess Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow.

We arrive at TBC and they hook me up to the FMS and they say I’m having contractions but I don’t feel anything. They said I could either take 4 ounces of castor oil or just go straight to the hospital.

Right… those are my choices? Well I’m a NO on the hospital… so castor oil it is!

I came prepared. I brought my bullet and some fruit and I downed that damn shake like it was a McDonalds flurry. (I hate McDonalds, but you get the reference)

They explained to me that it wouldn’t kick in for about another 2 hours… so I should just go to a movie or be somewhere near a bathroom. So we go downstairs to the car, I get in, Mat’s outside scraping the massive amounts of snow off our car, when all of a sudden, I feel weird.

I mad dash it upstairs to the lobby, and I shit you not… wait… I shit you did!!!! A lot. It was an explosion. What did they give me???!!!

I hobble out of the bathroom and ask to be admitted. “I’m sorry, we can’t admit you b/c you’re not in any kind of labor.” Are you FAreaking kidding me?!?! You gave me this stuff you better find me a private bathroom or I’m camping out in your lobby bathroom.

They gave me one of the birthing suites.

So here I am, not admitted, in this birthing suite. I can not get off the toilet. Poor Mathew, I have no idea what he’s doing at this time… maybe sitting on the bed on his phone? I just can not stop shitting. I’m praying to God above, “Please Heavenly Father, pleeeeeeeeease stop the shitting and let me experience just one contraction!” I was convinced at this point that labor would be a breeze. And as I’m writing this… it was! My labor was peaceful and NOT painful. Shitting for 5 hours straight is pure hell. It’s like the devil is in your anus laughing.

Ok moving on! I’m sure that was awesome to read. Anyway, it’s around 8pm, I hobble out of the room to find the nurse midwife b/c I just don’t know what to do anymore, and low and behold, God’s Angel herself, Autumn. Can you believe it?! Out of all the midwives I could get and that I have met, Autumn was who I was praying for. I wanted her to deliver my baby. And there she was! Standing right there! I started to cry. I was so happy. Autumn explained that she couldn’t check me. I was clearly still not in labor and she didn’t want to risk infection since my water broke. So I made a deal with her. I asked if I could use the suite’s tub. Maybe taking a bath would calm me down and I could start labor? I also asked her to come in at midnight to check me and if I was only dialated at 5cm then we’d have 2 more hours till I had to be at the hospital or we’d go over then. She agreed, and I hobbled back to the room where Mat made me a bath.

That bath was heaven. And I realized it’s been 30 minutes since I had used the toilet. So I got dressed and made Mat do three hundred something stairs with me. That obviously did something b/c at the end of the last flight I had felt a contraction!! I raised my fist in the air and said, “Is that all you got!?” smiling and laughing. I looked crazy. Mat said, “You think you really want to be teasing God at this point?”

I hobbled, breathing heavily to Autumn and she said, “thats great you had a contraction! But you’re still no where near labor.” At that moment she wasn’t my favorite person anymore, and I could have stabbed her with that pencil she was using.

So Mat and I went back into our suite. Autumn said I could call my family, and let them know that there might be a chance they’d have to go to the hospital.

Around 10pm I am in full blown labor. Breathing the baby down, grunting, I let out one high pitch sound and realized that was NOT the sound I wanted to use, so I went back to my lower pitch breathing and that worked beautifully. No pain. I was completely in another world. My family arrived around 10:30pm, I had sat in the shower, but that wasn’t doing anything for me. The only comfortable spot for me was just sitting on the bed. When a contraction came to, I pressed my forehead against Mathew’s and he would tell me to breathe and blow, blow, blow down. Mathew was my rock. He was the best support I could have ever prayed for. He was so in tune with my body and the baby. He was so present. I get so emotional when I think about our connection during my labor.

Finally midnight came, I looked at Mat and I said, “get Autumn, baby coming.” No one believed me!  Autumn came and checked me, I rememeber the look on her face as she took her glove off. “Ok, you are at 9cm.” Everyone gasped in the room. My mother was in disbelief. I was so calm and present through every contraction that no one thought I was in labor!!

In the other room a woman was screaming. Autumn was in that room delivering her baby. I remember every time she would scream I calmly mumbled, “don’t bring your energy up girl…” Can you believe that? I’m coaching from the other room during my own labor. I of course have no memory of this. But there is a video!

Now comes the good stuff, not one second after Autumn delivers the other woman’s baby she’s in my room telling me I can push. Now here’s what I do remember. I’m pushing, I’m doing exactly what my body and Autumn is telling me to do. Next thing I know oxygen is being thrown onto my face, and there are 2 other midwives in the room! Nurse Ratchet (seriously she was that serious) says, “Veronika, the baby’s heartbeat is low, we are calling an ambulance.” Didn’t faze me. I stayed cool as a cucumber. Nurse Ratchet orders me on all fours. I, on auto pilot, turn my body over. I had no idea I even could move until she told me to. Lay on your side! I do that. Turn back! I do that. Mat grab that leg, other midwife, grab that leg. Nurse Ratchet then looks me straight in the eye and says, “there’s no time, Veronika, we are getting this baby out now! PUSH!” So I did, but the baby was stuck! Then out of no where I see the scissors. Like slow motion I hear the voice inside my head say, “noooooooooooooooo”… Snip Snip and one more push and there was my baby’s head. I reach down and hook my hand under the armpit and pull the baby out.
Nothing felt more incredible then that wet, little body on my body. Pure ectasy. Did I just have an orgasmic birth? Clearly I did. There was no pain. Even with the episiotomy. If I could go back and re live that moment I certainly would. It was incredible.

It’s a boy! No wait… just kidding said the midwife.

It’s a girl!!!

I looked at Mat and said, “Elora Luna.”

We both cried, our baby girl was finally here.

1:01am. She’s definitely my daughter. Just barely 24 hours from my water breaking she makes her dramatic entrance. The ambulance got there as she was born.

That’s ok, thanks for coming. We’re fine 😉

Mathew and I laid there in bed with our daughter and James. It was the most perfect moment of my Life. There was my family. My perfect family. It’s a moment I’ll never forget.

And that is the story of Elora Luna.


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