Top of the Mormon to ya!

16 Jan 2014, Posted by Kit in Blog

So it’s late. Or early morning… either way I can’t sleep.

It seems like I am always Sleepless in Seattle now. How fitting. Maybe I should watch that movie for some inspiration… Being sleepless seems to be alright. I’m able to write. And what happened today is definitely something to write about.

A lot has changed. I know I went MIA in the Facebook world but I’m still here. In my website world, and today was quite powerful. I’d love to share.

**side note RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE. Watch out now, don’t want to be giving you Atheists something to contemplate. Hey… Most of you are snickering anyway already. I know it! It’s ok to be honest. Here we go.

SO, when I say things have changed in my world, I was not kidding. Just one of the things that is different is the fact that I go to church and I’m going to be baptized. As a Mormon. Yep. I said it. It’s exciting isn’t it? Keep reading.

Now there are two things that I 100%  believe in. One, is God. My Heavenly Father. He is a FACT and that’s my experience. With everything I have gone through and an OD under my belt, I have felt Him, I have heard Him, and now I’m LISTENING.

Second, is elemental magic. I studied Wicca for a year and a day with a seriously weird warlock by night and mortician by day… Mike was his name. He taught me about our elements. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit. And what I saw and experienced with him, well… I don’t need to explain it. I experienced it and I know what I saw. Truth.

SO! With that being said, if you need labels. I am a Pagan Mormon 🙂 Has a nice ring to it.

Tonight my sisters, who have known me to be sad this week, called my Bishop. He came right over, swooped me up, drove me to his house, and did a blessing.


What is a blessing exactly? I know I thought the same thing.

Well, a Blessing is given by a man who has the authority. It basically means, he lives by the Gospel and has the POWER, and he earned that power, to give blessings for healing, comfort and encouragement. I was curious. And I was in great discomfort, and definitely could use the encouragement…

I had my sisters around me, (whom are just the dearest to my heart) and Bishop Hatch. The sisters opened up with a Hymn. Their voices as soon as they sang the first note hit me with a stream of tears. It was so beautiful. Colors flying everywhere. I felt immense joy. There is so much you can get out of music. It was the perfect way to open the Blessing. Then it came time. Bishop Hatch got up, placed his fingers lightly on my scalp and spoke my entire name, “Veronika Elicia Petra”…. and then the energy jolted my scalp, tingled my brain and my entire body felt like it was radiating. Certain words made me cry, and certain words conducted heart shapes in my minds eye, and pictures of the sisters grown up, and myself sitting with my beloved, laughing, smiling, watching our children. Pictures of my mother in law smiling, my family smiling,  pictures a 1000 flips a second. I couldn’t make out all of it, it was happening so fast.  I saw white light engulf my body and glow from every inch of me. Now I’m sure to anyone’s naked eye they wouldn’t be able to see this. But I know the sisters could tell that I was seeing and feeling something! That energy projected onto my sisters, flowed up to Heavenly Father, down to Bishop Hatch into his fingers, and surround my entire being. Only to project onto my sisters again.  Now I don’t need to go into what words were spoken. They were for me,  but the power of word… used in a loving, encouraging, hopeful way is nothing short of perfect. Those words were exactly what I needed to hear. It was a direct message.

Powerful Shtuff if you ask me.



Grateful and Sleepless in Seattle,


  • Tiffani

    lovely ladybird. beautiful words and connection. looking forward to seeing you at cirquecamp and hooping with you again 😉

  • Rich

    I saw a homeless man outside my apartment this morning that was experiencing a small helicopter circling his head. That was not my experience.

  • Huyen

    Powerful, indeed spirit sistah. This gave me goosebumps – what incredible, vivid, magical, important visions to have during your Blessing. So proud and happy for you. Peace & blessings, always my love.