And it starts…

27 May 2015, Posted by Kit in Blog

3/19/2015 1:51pm walk around neighborhood listening to music.

2am wake up to pee
2:30am I think water broke?
3am called Crystal and Lacey
5am ate bowl of granola yum
8:44am ate eggs yum
11am hula hooped
1:34pm first contraction! I laughed
2:45pm castor oil smoothie
3pm shitting my brains out
7:25pm still shitting my brains out waiting for labor to start
8:30pm stairs up and down
9pm contractions are a bit more regular
10:42pm FEELING IT
11:30pm mom and mere arrives
Midnight Karen arrives

3.21 countdown 2015 at 1:01am
Elora Luna Ralidak
7lb 10oz
20 1/2in long
3 hour labor, 16min push

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