Hibernation. It’s not just for bears.

15 Nov 2013, Posted by Kit in Blog

It’s for KiT’s too.

Being an icon on Facebook and having my personal bullshit thrown all over the place was a little much. Being off Facebook in this hibernation period has helped me so much! I have trained. I have been going to the gym. I have been eating right, somewhat, I’ve been reading and believe it or not… I’ve gone to church!

When I come back on Facebook in the new year you’ll see the same ol’ positive, funny, witty, and courageous story teller… but BETTER. Think super hooper woman. I’ve let go of the suffering. I’ve let go of the people I so desperately was holding onto and along the way I found God, a new better me and a fish and chip place that reminds me of London in Lompoc!!! If you don’t know where Lompoc is. Well. Yea. There you go. No one knows where Lompoc is! It’s called Lompton for a reason.

But anywho, I have been getting some great work done here. Focusing on myself has been a new thing for me. Not promoting my name, not teaching workshops around the world, and not performing as much, has been… dare I say it… helpful.

So here’s to a new KiT~

You’ll get updates on how I’m handling my Life. Stories of my hoop career and helpful inspiring words to get you through your work days (hey I remember working a 9 to 5 job and the only fun you get out of it is psycho stalking your favorite online blogger).

Here’s to a new everything. Here’s to coming out of hibernation and spewing my light all over your faces.

In Orbital Bliss,



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