Just one of those days.

27 May 2015, Posted by Kit in Blog

Wednesday April 15th

Not much sleep… Less then usual. Uncomfortable dreams too.

9:30am nurse left. Milk drunk. High. Smiles everywhere. Nurse right.

10:10am crying baby, I dress, brush my teeth and realize the trash hasn’t been taken out. Thanks Dad.

10:30am trip over poop bc I couldn’t take James out this morning. Nice.

Also realize there are thousands of flying termites falling out of walls and window.


Meredith saves the day and like typical screaming girls we jump and kill and tape up holes.

11:15am nurse left then right

12:30pm tried many dresses. All of them don’t fit Elora. What? Did she grow overnight?!

12:45pm spit up. Down my shirt. Awesome.

12:51pm adventure in strollers with Danielle and baby Jack. Burger time.

2:15pm nurse left then right

“20% of being a mom is absolutely terrifying. 50% fucking hilarious and the other percentage I don’t know bc I can’t do math right now, is exhaustion.” Said by Danielle

Mat comes home early!! Thank God!! He changes out of a tie and slacks and puts on manly clothes and cleans up the thousands of flying termites.

4:26pm nurse left then right

Hiccups. Gripe water.

Do some gardening and leaf cleanup with Mat. He knows he’s in the dog house so he’s trying to butter me up by cleaning.

6:15pm nurse left then right

7:30pm Elora tries daddy milk for first time (bottle) and takes an ounce!

8pm witching hour. Dance party!

8:15pm Elora asleep in left arm. Breaking up chicken with right hand for James. I’ve become a super human. I can do everything with one hand. Even text with my left!!!

8:30pm leave for Jersey

9:30pm let down…. Milk everywhere!!

10pm at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Yay!!!! Let’s play pass the baby and give me a break!

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